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The biggest challenge presented by the torrents of information generated by digital technology is how to make full use of it. Many businesses lack a long-term, coherent strategy. They find it difficult to align their business needs with analytical insights. Their big mistake is in failing to attract the best qualified individuals in the fields of data architecture, engineering, analysis and science. That’s why we have created strategies for data talent acquisition.


Orbition is a talent consultancy that provides a complete service for companies who need to maximise their analytical resources. We are driven by data, we understand it and we champion its effective use. Employers face a candidate-driven market where the fight for the best talent is hard, and we make it our business to help our clients win. Here are 5 strategies for data talent acquisition we’d recommend.


Identify Your Model Candidate

When you’re hiring professionals in this field, it’s essential to devise a detailed job description so you can articulate what you’re looking for and what you’re not. If it makes sense to you, then it should communicate your needs to applicants. General qualities you’ll need will include analytical skills, technical abilities, motivation, initiative, creativity, and a positive attitude. However, beyond this, you need to develop an idea of the kind of person who will suit the role and fit well with the culture of your company. Analysts need to be able to work collaboratively across several departments and disciplines, so the right personality is an essential qualification.


Understand Candidate Motivation

Remember that recruitment is a two-way process, especially in current conditions. Don’t assume candidates need your job more than you need them. Be prepared to engage with them fully and understand what it is that motivates them and what they expect at the same time as evaluating as what they have to offer. You are asking them to play a central role in the information-driven success of your company’s future which means you need to view the recruitment process from both sides.


Candidate Enrichment

It may sound like a buzzword, but candidate enrichment is a concept that is taken very seriously in many industries. Candidate enrichment tools can add new capabilities to your acquisition strategy. Partnering with a recruitment agency such as Orbition can give you access to valuable third-party sources of information. This means that however precise your job description and candidate profile might be, the pool of talent available to you need never run dry.


Build Your Brand

This is vitally important in all recruitment situations, but when it comes to attracting data professionals, it demands attention to the specifics of this candidate market. Household names rarely struggle to find the talent they need, because the people they are looking for recognise these businesses as tech-savvy and forward-thinking. You need to market your company as energetically as you do your projects and services, establishing your reputation and credentials as an ideal home for those intent on advancing their careers in the ever-expanding fields of data science and analysis.

Call the Professionals

Hiring the best employees is one of a company’s most important inhouse functions but placing all the responsibility on your HR team can be a mistake. Consider partnering with a recruitment agency that can develop a thorough understanding of your business and an affinity that makes them perfect ambassadors to attract the highest-quality candidates. An agency’s resources will be extensive, enabling the consolidation of resumes and contacts, the gathering of demographics and social media insights and the application of advanced filters across multiple channels. All of this will get you the results you need, more quickly than you could imagine.


If you recognise these problems and like the sound of our solutions, then please get in touch with Orbition Group today.


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