TACT Score Assessment

Talent Accessibility & Capability Temperature Score

The TACT Score assessment is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their talent accessibility and capabilities. This comprehensive assessment seeks to understand your positioning on three main factors. Your Internal Brand as a data & analytics function, your External Brand, and your Internal Operations.

To ensure that the TACT Score accurately reflects the current state of the industry, we have employed a methodology that combines data from multiple sources including our own insights of the global talent marketing and our research conducted with our senior leadership community.

Data Maturity


Internal Data Culture


Workforce Planning


Visibility of Impact


Data Leader Visibility


Employee Benefits


D&A Brand Desirability


Competitive Salary


People remain the biggest challenge within the data & analytics industry. Gartner reports that the leading challenge for data leaders around the world is hiring and retaining the best quality data talent to fulfill their organization’s goals.

The success of any data initiative, no matter how big or small, is intrinsically linked to the caliber of the team that an organization can build. However, it’s always preferable to have access to that dream team when you want it, not when you need it. So many leaders are left with a gap in their strategy, waiting for the right people to fulfill it.

Gone are the days of just saying your company name, and that is enough to attract the right people. It may work for some of the big tech hitters, but for the majority, it just isn’t enough. That’s where your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and your data & analytics brand come into play. Understanding how your EVP & D&A Brand stacks up against others within the industry is crucial for competitive success.

D&A Talent Scorecard

The initial phase involves completing a brief self-assessment, which is designed to provide us with insights that only you possess. This assessment will serve as a guide for the subsequent in-depth interview, where we will explore three primary areas: Internal Capabilities, External Capabilities, and Operations.

Throughout this process, our experienced professionals will provide you with benchmarking statements and guidance to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation.

After both the self-assessment and the in-depth interview, we will generate a customized report that highlights our findings. We will then arrange a call to discuss these results with you in detail, offering guidance on the next steps.

Reach out to begin your in-depth TACT Score assessment today!

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