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Data and Artificial Intelligence now have an integral role to play in almost every area of business and the Covid pandemic saw many organisations around the globe move to accelerate their investments in these areas of technology. Yet without the right knowledge and understanding of data and AI, business leaders are unlikely to realise the full potential of their spend. Rather than unlocking the key insights that can supercharge business development, organisations are instead finding that their data and AI spend is delivering a disappointing ROI. This trend was highlighted by the experts at Gartner, who found that a mere 20% of data analytics will be bringing real business value during 2022 [1].


A Smarter Data Analytics Investment

So where does the answer lie? Data and AI-powered analytics are undoubtedly a cornerstone for effective business growth, but if current investments are proving unsatisfactory, it’s clear that a new, better approach is needed to unlock the potential of this powerful technology. The answer lies in a shift in focus.

By thinking of the personnel who will be working with the data, organisations can devise a clearer route to making the most of the impressive data analytics capabilities now available. After all, the success of any transformation process in business is ultimately dependent on the people involved. Consider the members of your team and ask yourself whether they have the right approach when it comes to working with data and analytics: do they fully comprehend the capabilities of the technology, as well as understanding the potential risks in addition to the incredible benefits?

Can your team usefully interpret the analytics at their fingertips and use it to inform and improve their work? And there are questions to ask of your leadership team too: is everyone at the highest levels of your company able to relate a clear data strategy to your business’ key objectives?

In most cases, the answer is likely to be no, or not really. Gartner found that the data literacy skills needed to maximise the returns on analytics investment are lacking in 50% of businesses, meaning that the only way to remedy this situation is to invest in people. And to see the very best results, it makes sense to invest in the leaders of the organisation: those who can shape the understanding and strategies that will ensure that the entire business is able to make better use of data analytics.


Realise The Potential Of Data

Many leaders are already waking up to the need to educate both themselves and their key personnel and are seeing the results for themselves. By taking the lead and investing in Orbition’s Data for Leaders Programme, you can take control of the way in which data is used in your organisation, thereby ensuring that you access the key insights that can give your business the edge it needs to succeed.

The Data For Leaders Programme gives those in the most critical positions the opportunity to unlock the power of data analytics, delivering the data literacy skills that are so essential to making the most of this advanced technology. Simply put, it’s an Upskilling programme which should be considered crucial for business leaders looking to consolidate their brand’s position in a future-facing, data-driven marketplace.

By completing the Data For Leaders Programme, you will be ensuring that the people in the most influential positions in your organisation are ready to ask the right questions of your data specialist teams, and use the insights to craft your business strategy moving forward.


The Data For Leaders Programme By Orbition

Created to deliver the data literacy skills that today’s business leaders need in order to meet their company’s objectives, the Data For Leaders Programme covers the key areas with which every business leader should be familiar. The course takes place over three full days, and we recommend that at least two people in key leadership positions attend from an organisation. In this way, they can better disseminate and embed their learning across their company, ensuring that everyone develops enhanced data literacy that can fuel business success.

The programme includes an invaluable “Ask An Expert” training session, in which attendees will be given the opportunity to create practical strategies for putting their learning into practice. In addition to other supporting tools, programme attendees can look forward to developing a confident, informed approach to the many aspects of data analytics, that they can roll out across their organisation upon their return to the workplace.

And if your organisation needs a bespoke training solution, then our experts can tailor your programme to accurately reflect your requirements. We also run additional training dates on our modules, including Data Ethics, “Deep Dive Into ML”, Data Storytelling, and many more. In this way, you can be sure to optimise your time and your investment by focusing your leader’s programme on the areas that are most relevant to your business’ unique needs. For those who may be unsure where data literacy gaps may lie, we also provide a set of useful data literacy analysis tools, including a quick quiz, which can help leaders to identify the areas where their focus might be best directed.


Why Choose Orbition?

We are a specialist, focusing exclusively on the world of data and analytics. This ensures that we have an unparalleled understanding of the many areas of technology, as well as the implications for businesses. From Data Architecture and Data Engineering, through to Business Intelligence and Data Governance, we take a rigorously informed approach to all that we do. This enables Orbition to deliver a data For Leaders Programme that is not only packed with the most cutting-edge material, but which also delivers practical, tangible support for leaders looking to consolidate their data literacy in a way that can spark transformation across the entire business.


Now is the time to get in touch with Orbition and start your journey towards greater confidence and understanding. Develop your ability to make the most of data analytics, giving your business the best possible foundation for a more successful future in a competitive world.