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Driven By Data: The Podcast

Designed for Data Enthusiasts to hear from the Data & Analytics industry’s thought leaders

Orbition Group is delighted to bring you this podcast series, which is designed for Data Enthusiasts, to hear from some of the most high-profile Data, Analytics and AI thought leaders from around the globe.

Each episode will detail the guests journey to the top while bringing unique insights, drawn from first-hand experience on the industry’s most trending topics.

The podcast is hosted by Kyle Winterbottom, Founder of Orbition Group, a search and talent solutions business that operates exclusively in the Data & Analytics space.

This podcast was created as a way for our industry’s most respected leadership figures from across the world to give back to the Data & Analytics community, by sharing; knowledge, experiences and ideas, to inspire, innovate and provide real-life use cases on the industry’s most pressing topics/challenges.

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