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At Orbition Group, we regularly talk to business leaders and data professionals to understand how they’re using data and analytics (D&A) and what challenges they face. Through these conversations, we’ve noticed a common issue: D&A teams and top executives often see the value of data and analytics differently. This can cause problems for projects within companies. Both teams need to agree on what’s important for data and analytics, so their efforts match the overall goals of the business. By doing this, organisations can make sure their data and analytics projects bring real value to the business.

For example, imagine a D&A team is excited about reducing data processing time. They expect top executives to be impressed, but the response is underwhelming. Why? Because top executives care more about how data projects impact the company’s profits or efficiency. This difference in focus can lead to frustration and inefficiency in D&A efforts.

To bridge this gap, organisations need to make sure D&A goals align with broader business goals. They should use clear and measurable goals that show how D&A efforts contribute to important business outcomes, like making more money or improving customer satisfaction.

Communication is also key. D&A teams and business leaders need to talk regularly to understand each other’s priorities and make sure everyone is on the same page. This helps leaders see the value of data projects and makes it easier for D&A teams to focus on what really matters to the business.

Another important step is to educate business leaders about data. By helping them understand how data can help the company, they’ll be more likely to support and invest in D&A initiatives. This builds a culture where everyone sees the value of data and works together to use it effectively.

In the end, closing the gap between D&A teams and business leaders requires teamwork and clear communication. By aligning goals, educating leaders, and focusing on what really matters to the business, organisations can make the most of their data and analytics efforts and drive data-backed results.

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Sophie Muscat

Head of Marketing

Sophie is our Head of Marketing. She has a wealth of experience in marketing and communications, having driven strategic initiatives and managed direct communications.

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