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Women to Watch in Data

Brought to you by Orbition Group’s Emily Cawley, this weekly feature looks to elevate the amazing female talent we see in the global data, analytics & AI community.

Each week you’ll learn about our ‘Woman to Watch in Data’ – a visionary leader at the forefront of the data-driven revolution. In a world where information is power, they stand as a beacon of inspiration, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible with data analytics and insights. With a remarkable blend of expertise, innovation, and determination, they’re charting a course toward a data-driven future where possibilities are limitless.

This week’s Woman to Watch in Data…

Sheetal Patole, Chief Information Officer, Barclays

Sheetal Patole is an outstanding C-suite executive with over two decades of experience, driving technology transformations that place customers at the core. Her global influence spans Australia, Asia, Europe, India, the UK, and the USA, leading large multidisciplinary teams in challenging environments. Her innovative thinking has earned her accolades, including the WanDisco Top 100 Data Activators 2022 and the 2008 CIO ‘Ones to Watch’ award, as well as being within Orbition Group’s Top 10 Driven by Data Innovators 2024. With her knack for thinking outside the box and a focus on people and culture, she paves the way for intelligent tech solutions, personalised propositions, and transformative change. She embodies the spirit of a visionary leader.

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Previous week’s Women to Watch in Data…

Tia Cheang, Chief Data & Analytics Strategy Officer, Gallagher

Tia is a visionary Data Analytics Strategy Leader with an impressive 18-year track record. From pioneering forensic analytics at Experian to spearheading data strategies for the National Health Service, Tia’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Leading with innovation, she’s navigated senior roles in healthcare consulting and global consulting firms, contributing significantly to national and international governments. Currently, as the Global Head of Data Strategy and Analytical Operations for an insurance giant, Tia has launched transformative projects, managed substantial budgets, and overseen large teams, cementing her status as a trailblazer in the world of data and analytics. A true force driving digital transformation!

Holly Chatton, Head of Data Governance, AJ Bell

Holly is a leader with a wealth of experience in data governance. Her passion for using data to propel innovation and drive business value is unmatched. She excels at fostering collaboration across teams, optimising data processes, and championing data quality. Notably, Holly constantly seeks innovative data applications, such as generative AI and cloud computing. Her commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion adds another layer of excellence to her credentials, fostering a truly inclusive, data-driven culture.

Elise Walker, Data Platform Director, Walgreen Boots Alliance

Elise is an architect of complex global transformations, she excels in delivering innovative solutions in Retail and Brand Development, skillfully bridging business, data, and application domains. Her strategic acumen, coupled with technical and commercial expertise, aligns seamlessly with client visions. Leading diverse, global teams with an authentic and collaborative style, Elise inspires excellence. is celebrated as one of the “Twenty Women in Data & Tech 2023,” a Fellow of the British Computer Society (FBCS), winner of the BSC UK IT Team of the Year 2022, and recipient of the British Data Award 2022. Her achievements and commitment make her a true “Woman to Watch” in the world of data and technology.

Alexandra Sidgreaves, Chief Data Officer, Zurich Insurance

Alex’s remarkable story at Zurich began in 2005, rising from an MI analyst to the role of Chief Data Officer. Over the years, her leadership has been instrumental in Zurich’s data transformation, forging a stronger data culture. Alex’s passion for diversity extends to her role as a co-chair of the cultural awareness network, demonstrating her commitment to a more inclusive workplace. With a diverse team of 80 professionals, she paves the way for Zurich’s data-driven future.

Asheeka Hyde, Head of Trading Analytics and Data Science, Dunelm

Asheeka is a visionary leader who has built an award-winning analytics team and ignited her passion for cognitive diversity as a driving force behind innovation. She champions the transformative power of diversity, recognising that innovation thrives at the crossroads of different perspectives. As the analytics landscape continues to evolve, Asheeka remains at the forefront, always ready to embrace new challenges. If you’re searching for an exceptional leader to elevate your analytics efforts, Asheeka Hyde is the one to turn to. Her influence on the industry is nothing short of remarkable!

Jessica Simons-Boswell, Head of Data, e.surv Chartered Surveyors

Jessica has showcased extraordinary capabilities and her visionary contributions have been instrumental in shaping organizations, allowing them to comprehend and harness data in a way that delivers undeniable value to their business operations. She has achieved outstanding achievements and contributions in the realm of data. As a pioneer and trailblazer, she has shattered glass ceilings and paved the way for aspiring women in the field. Her knowledge and leadership make her an exemplary role model and a beacon of inspiration for women aiming to excel in the data sphere.

Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI at WPP

Di Mayze is a results-driven transformational technical and data storyteller. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, she has consistently demonstrated remarkable expertise and unwavering commitment to driving organisations toward data-driven excellence. She has an impressive top Business School MBA and more than two decades of invaluable experience across both client and consultancy realms and has consistently exhibited a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her visionary approach has reshaped the way organizations perceive and utilize data, setting new standards for industry leadership. We celebrate not just her professional achievements but also her enduring legacy of transformation, collaboration, and leadership.

Ines Ashton, Director of Advance Analytics at Mars Petcare

Ines Ashton stands as a pioneering force in the world of data analytics, and her remarkable journey as the Director of Advanced Analytics at Mars Petcare is a testament to her exceptional contributions to the field. Ines joined Mars Petcare over a decade ago as a data analyst. Her early contributions did not go unnoticed. In recognition of her visionary leadership, groundbreaking contributions, and role as a trailblazer for women in data analytics, Ines Ashton truly deserves the “Women to Watch” recognition. She not only leads the way for many but is a selfless individual who gives back to her community. Her impact on the industry and her ability to inspire the next generation of data professionals is the reason for the recognition today.

Katy Gooblar, Head of Data and Group Analytics at The Royal College of Nursing

Katy stood out to me after seeing a recent LinkedIn post about her exceptional journey from humble beginnings to becoming a data leader. Her journey provides a source of inspiration for countless individuals who face adversity and uncertainty. Today we celebrate your immeasurable contributions to the data community and your enduring message that success is not about having it all planned out but about embracing the journey, wherever it may lead.