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The world of sports has undergone a huge digital revolution over the last decade, thanks to the rapid evolution of data analysis in sports. If we turn the clock back 10+ years, this field was starting to emerge and take front and center in the sporting world. Gone were the days of relying solely on intuition and a gut feeling about a player, for example.  

If we move that dial back to today, it has become a truly indispensable tool that has really revolutionised sports all over the world. The analysis of games, players, fans and the overall strategic decision-making process has been totally turned upside down by enhancements in the field.  

In the past, performance analysis relied on subjective observations and statistics for fans and professionals alike. Now, sports teams all over the world have access to wearable technologies and advanced tracking systems that allows Managers, Coaches, Analysts and those at home to come to their own conclusions utilizing a data-driven approach in unprecedented detail.  

Teams now can leverage the analytics behind the games to make informed decisions about game and in-game strategies, player selection and tactics. Advanced algorithms used by teams analyse historical data, scout opponents, and provide insights during matches to gain that extra advantage that they simply would not have been able to access in such detail 10 years ago.  

Off the field, pitch, ballpark or whatever your preferred choice might be, it’s also changed the way that player recruitment and development is conducted too. In the past, scouts were heavily relied on to make personal observations whilst using quite limited statistics. However, sophisticated analytics tools can assess a player’s potential and performance across several games and across several metrics too!  

It begs the question, if you’re sitting outside the sports industry, how could you embrace data in the same way?

The utilisation of data analysis in sports has changed significantly over the past decade and revolutionised every single aspect of the game. From enhanced performance analysis and strategic decision-making to player recruitment, D&A has become a clearly indispensable tool for athletes, coaches, and fans. As technology continues to advance, its role in sports will only continue to grow and help uncover new insights. The future of sports looks brighter than ever before, and that’s not just the glow from the dashboards.

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This mini-series offers the audience an incredible insight into how data is harnessed by some of the world’s biggest sports teams and brands. We will talk with data leaders in all the sports teams you know and love as they share their experiences, knowledge, and learnings, shining a light on this fascinating area of data!

Expertly hosted by Orbition’s Andrew Cannon

Guests include:
Alexander Booth, Assistant Director of R&D, Texas Rangers Baseball Club
Jon Hay, Senior VP – Data, Intelligence, and Analytics, Boston Red Sox
Nancy Hensley, Chief Product Officer, StatPeform

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