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About the course

Whether you’re looking to land your next big role, establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, or become a confident public speaker, personal branding and content creation are essential skills to master in today’s digital world. That’s where our Data Leadership Branding Course comes in.

At the heart of personal branding is the ability to authentically communicate your unique value proposition to your target audience. By building a strong personal brand, you can differentiate yourself from the competition, attract new opportunities, and curate a network of people who help you reach the next level of your growth.

In this CPD Accredited course, we’ll explore the key principles of personal branding and content creation, and provide you with practical tools and strategies to help you develop and refine your brand.

Within each virtual lesson across the four weeks of the Data Leadership Branding Course, we will explore a different area, detailed in the following pages, that supports your development, both in theory and practice. Supported by the out-of-class activities and learning.

We invite you to join us on this journey of personal and professional growth.

Course Overview

Week One

Establishing your Leadership Brand within Data & Analytics

  • Understanding the importance of personal branding for data leaders
  • Identifying and understanding what makes you different from your peers
  • Creating a compelling elevator pitch for your personal brand
  • Crafting your brand message and visual identity
Week Two

Data Leadership Content Creation in Practice

  • Optimizing your social media presence to increase your visibility and reach.
  • Identifying key topics and trends in your niche area of expertise
  • Creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience – The how-to for video, audio, and written.
  • Engaging with your followers and building your online community
Week Three

Leveraging your Thought Leadership, Content & Brand

  • Maximizing your exposure by guest blogging, podcasting, or speaking at industry events & how to find these opportunities.
  • Identifying relevant industry events and organizations to participate in
  • Networking in-person
  • How to get noticed for awards & Top Industry lists
Week Four

Maintaining and Evolving Your Personal Brand as a Data Leader

  • Managing your online reputation and responding to feedback
  • Building and nurturing relationships with your network
  • Continuously refining and evolving your personal brand
  • Developing a personal brand roadmap for ongoing growth and success

"I found the course very engaging, mind opening, and it taught me some really useful frameworks to apply to help reach my goals"

Martin StanleyHead of Data & AI Business Partnering, BT Group

"The course provided me the opportunity to not only develop the techniques to improve my own brand, it helped me grow as a person. It has provided clarity on my own development journey and challenged my own self-awareness. Overall connecting with other senior leaders in data, is a great opportunity and has a ‘we’re in it together’ supporting atmosphere. The format and duration were ideal, to get into the flow but not long enough to find excuses! Cat and Kyle know their stuff, so to hear first hand their experiences and guidance was worth it!"

Katy GooblarHead of Group Data and Analytics, Royal College of Nursing

"Great course which has really made me think about how developing my personal brand can help me achieve my goals, and has given me the foundations to produce and share content"

Lindsay PellowData & Analytics Director, Network Digital Marketing Ltd

Our Instructors

Our course instructors, Catherine & Kyle, are passionate and experienced professionals committed to providing meaningful connections for senior executives in the areas of Digital, Data, Analytics, Information, Business Development, and Innovation.

With her extensive expertise, Catherine is a well-versed award-winning professional, experienced in directing, producing, and hosting engaging data & analytics industry-leading content.

Kyle has single-handledly built a 7 figure business based on his own personal brand and can speak extensively to the power of monetizing content & creating a high-value community.

In addition to her industry experience, Catherine is also an Instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder Business School, where she teaches the Marketing Intelligence and Performance Optimization module for their Data & Marketing Analytics Course.

With Catherine & Kyle as your course instructors, you can be confident that you’re learning from knowledgeable and passionate experts who are committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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November 2023 Course Dates

  • November 7th
  • November 14th
  • November 21st
  • November 28th

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