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Talent Advisory

We offer a talent strategy and advisory service and have been trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands to assist them in the formation of their Data & Analytics talent strategy.

We offer Talent Advisory Services in the following

Workforce Planning

We provide workforce planning advisory to help you determine the skills needed for your data strategy implementation.

  • Workforce Analysis: to assess what skills already exist in the organisation.
  • Skills Gap Analysis: to understand what roles you’ll need to go to the external market for


Job Architecture Review & Design

We will review your:

  • Adverts
  • Job Descriptions
  • and Talent Attraction Materials.

With our specialist knowledge of the data & analytics landscape, you won’t just benefit from our recruitment experience, but also our niche understanding of the market.

Career Pathway Developement

We offer advisory and the service of reviewing and designing the career pathway routes for all sizes of data & analytics teams which include:

  • Role Matrix
  • Competency Framework
  • Capability Assessment
  • Promotional Pathways

Competitor Analysis

We will provide in-depth research reports of your key competitors as they relate to Data and analytics including, team size, job titles, skillsets, remuneration, etc

Market Positioning

We can offer you an in-depth assessment of your remuneration criteria as it relates to the Data & Analytics market for the skillsets you hire, allowing you to benchmark against your competitors.

Talent Pipeline

We can provide a map of all of the Data and analytics talent based on pre-defined criteria, allowing you to identify who the key players are before you actively need to hire them and more importantly so they understand who you are.

Want to learn more about our Talent Advisory Services?

Why not book in to receive our free Talent Accessibility & Capability Temperature Score, which allows you to understand which of our six pillar services you may benefit from the most?

Our TACT Score Assessment which is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their capability to access, attract and retain industry-leading Data and analytics talent.

This comprehensive assessment seeks to understand your positioning on three main factors. Your Internal Brand as a data & analytics function, your External Brand of how you’re perceived within the Data & Analytics talent market, and how effective your Internal Operations are in relation to attracting great talent.