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Talent Analytics & Intelligence

All decisions should be informed by trusted data.
Gain access to our global analytics capability and internal experts that allows you to strategise with clarity & competitive edge.

Being pioneers of the Data & Analytics talent industry, it would be hypocritical of us not to bring a data and insight-led approach.

With this in mind, Orbition has developed a Talent Intelligence capability that can provide key data and insight into the Data & Analytics talent market to deliver truly data-driven hiring decisions. This helps organisations understand the hiring landscape in the context of their organisation and make informed decisions about how, where, and who they hire.

From understanding industry remuneration to helping to gauge which location is best to hire based upon cost, competition, and talent density, with the ability to compare and contrast any skillset across as many locations worldwide as you’d like.

This goes deeper than job titles and can be as specific as incorporating sector experience, diversity, and experience with specific tools or technologies.

We create custom-built reports that provide key insights into a multitude of different data points across unlimited skill sets in any geography.

Example of our Insights & Analytics in action, read now
Talent Analytics & Intelligence
Visualisation of distribution of three different skillset per location of interest
Visualisation of the geographical distribution of a very specific & niche data skillset
Visualisation of the companies who have the most of a certain skillset working for them

Our Talent Analytics & Intelligence Provide:

  • A heat map based on talent density in your chosen locations
  • Number of individuals with those skillsets in those locations
  • A ratio of the number of candidates: number of live vacancies
  • The ability to compare different countries, regions, states and cities
  • All of the different variations of job titles
  • A list of all of the companies seeking the same skills (your competition)
  • A list of the universities where these skillsets are graduating from
  • A comparison of salary ranges in those geographies (low, average and high)
  • A breakdown of skills by the amount of experience  (Junior, Mid-Level, Senior)
  • The gender split %
  • The ethnicity split %
  • A list of all the companies who have the most of these skills working for them
Talent Analytics & Intelligence
Visualisation of the gender split of a practitioner role within the data & analytics landscape

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