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Every Data Team Has a Story to Tell

For the last 30 years, many have relied upon the companies brand to attract top talent, however in 2024, we need to tell a very specific data team story to achieve a competitve edge

There’s only one thing that dictates whether an organisation’s Data & Analytics efforts will be successful or not, the calibre and ability of its people! The better the people, the better the results, help yourself stand out through employer branding! But, hiring the very best talent is difficult and many leaders have surrendered to the fact that it’s hard and they can’t compete, which isn’t true.

For the last 30 years, most organisations have relied upon their company’s employer value proposition (EVP) to attract top talent, however, the way people consume information and make employment decisions has changed drastically.

A company-wide EVP is no longer enough to grab the attention of the A-Players that every organisation wants to hire. Those people aren’t looking at Job Adverts, they’re inundated with emails and messages from potential employers.

What you need is a way to stand out from the crowd. What is required is a very specific Data & Analytics story, told at scale
Building the brand of your data & analytics function, both internally and externally is fundamental to attracting and retaining the very best Data and analytics talent; and those who are doing it now, are already seeing massive returns, and some of the benefits can be seen listed here…

Time to hire reduced

Competitive edge

Higher quality applicants

Strong cultural fit

Employee referrals increased

Greater networking opportunities

Career development appeal

Increased credibility & trust

Let us help you define & tell your story…

We have an unrivalled reach, network and influence that you can leverage; through our podcast, our events, our mentorship programme and our social media and content production, we’ve been able to put millions of eyeballs onto the brands of the organisations we support which has resulted in them attracting talent they never thought possible.

Not only will we help you to tell your story at scale, but we will:
• Help you to define what the story should be by benchmarking against the industry
• Align it to what truly matters to D&A professional’s needs, wants and desires.
• Articulate that story in a way that raises brand awareness and generates interest
• Tell it at scale via various mediums

Put simply, we’ll help you define, articulate and scale your D&A team story outside of your organisation’s four walls and immediate ecosystem.

One of our most unique attributes as a talent solution company is our Driven by Data Community, comprising thousands of senior leaders, and data & analytics practitioners, we have the ability to tell your story to a relevant & wide audience.

Elevate your story by accessing our community:

Driven by Data, The Podcast with over 50k listeners in 157 countries and 200 episodes
Driven by Data, The Mentorship, with over 200 senior leaders actively engaged
Driven by Data, The Events – Taking place in-person and digitally all over the world

Driven by Data: Events - an image of one of our past events showing data leaders gathered together learning about employer branding

Reach out today to learn how we can support & tell your story