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Recruit Tea is Orbition’s very own internal recruitment podcast where we talk about all things recruitment. In each episode we will be spilling the tea on what the recruitment industry is really like, from sourcing candidates to personal brands, we’re going to spill the tea on everything!

Each episode will detail a special guest’s journey into recruitment, discussing their first-hand inside experience within the industry.

The Recruit Tea podcast is hosted by Emily Firbank, Internal Talent Lead at Orbition Group.

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Recruit Tea Episodes

The latest episode…
About The Host

Emily Firbank

Internal Talent Lead

Emily is a talented and dedicated internal talent lead here at Orbition. With a passion for identifying top talent, she has become a valuable asset to both to us internally, but also to our clients and candidates in the industry.

Emily is an expert in building strong relationships with potential talent solution experts and partners. She has a proven track record of successfully hiring top performers for a range of positions. Read more.

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