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20 Rising Stars in Data & Analytics

In the next edition of the Driven by Data Magazine, we will be celebrating twenty Rising Stars in the data & analytics space, and we want you to help us decide who they should be. 

Criteria to Nominate…

Manager or above in Seniority

Actively working in the D&A Space

Evidence of Professional Growth

Your Judges

Helen Blaikie

CDAO, Aston University | NED

Tolu Adebekun

Director of Data & Insight, Data Literacy Academy

Katy Gooblar

Head of Group Data & Analytics, Royal College of Nursing

Kyle Winterbottom

CEO & Founder, Orbition Group

The Process

Nominations Open: 8th January 2024

Nominations Close: 1st April 2024

Winners Are Notified: 11th April 2024

The Winners will be made public in the next edition of the Driven by Data Magazine

This campaign is proudly sponsored by

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What does a Rising Star look like?


“A Rising Star embodies a fantastic blend of technical prowess, strategic acumen, and a boat load of curiosity. This individual navigates the complex landscape of data with finesse, demonstrating proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. They possess a keen understanding and passion for transforming raw information into actionable insights. Beyond technical expertise however, a Rising Star in this space is characterised by their ability to communicate findings effectively, bridging the gap between data and business, seeking to engage everyone in their work. They are adaptable, continuously seeking out emerging trends and innovations to stay at the forefront of the field. A collaborative spirit and a passion for solving real-world problems elevate them as a valuable asset in the evolving world of data and analytics.” Catherine King, Editor-in-Chief, Driven by Data Magazine