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Right now, Big Data is big news, and this means that there are fantastic opportunities for those with the skills required for this challenging and dynamic sector. If you’re keen to get your career in Big Data off the ground, then there are a number of ways to go about it.


A Demand for Data Skills

Simply put, Big Data involves working with data sets on a massive scale. Indeed, many data sets are just too large to be handled by traditional data processing approaches. The rise of cloud computing and machine learning has a significant part to play in the growing importance of Big Data, and organisations from a variety of industries and sectors are becoming increasingly aware of the value that it can add to their operations. From mining these vast quantities of both structured and unstructured data, organisations can use cloud-powered machine learning technology to identify key patterns and leverage metrics into tangible strategies that deliver quantifiable results.

This means that those tech professionals with the ability to work with Big Data are now massively in demand. Roles such as Data Engineer, Data Architect, and Data Security Manager are commanding extremely high salaries, as are associated jobs such as Database Manager and Business Intelligence Analyst.

For IT candidates looking to progress their career into the Big Data arena, this also means that there is a pleasing diversity of options to suit different preferences. Indeed, whether you are looking to develop the software and systems needed to collect and analyse these huge volumes of data, or you would rather take a role that involves focusing on translating the metrics into actionable business insights, there are plenty of opportunities to be had.


Getting Your Big Data Career Started

A surfeit of opportunities doesn’t necessarily translate to making the move that’s best for your career, of course, and that’s where specialist talent consultants such as Orbition come in. Orbition are the industry leaders when it comes to placing candidates in their ideal Big Data role, and our partnerships give you the edge needed to ensure that your move into Big Data is seamless.

As well as identifying the opportunities which are exactly right for each individual candidate, Orbition provides candidate management throughout the process of acquiring that targeted position. The Orbition candidate experience includes all of the necessary preparation for candidates looking to take their career into Big Data, with services including mentoring, as well as any upskilling that may be required.

Working with Orbition is the most effective way to both ensure that you land the right position that will get your career in Big Data off to a flying start, and also ensure that you feel confident and equipped to deal with the challenges that your new career will bring.

So why wait any longer? Just get in touch with Orbition today, and discover how our team of skilled talent specialists can make your move into Big Data a reality?