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When it comes to acquiring the very best talent for your organisation, one factor that rarely has a part to play is luck. Instead, the process is likely to take a number of carefully planned steps, which, when executed effectively, will serve to ensure that your company succeeds in retaining these high-value employees for the long term.


Don’t Miss Out

Simply identifying the candidates who fit your particular set of criteria is pretty straightforward, but if you restrict your recruitment process to this approach, you risk missing out on the best possible match for your needs. After all, a job title can be vague and often somewhat arbitrary, with variations ranging from organisation to organisation. After all, one business’ Data Translator is another company’s Data Product Owner, so focusing too much on the job title will likely restrict the scope of the candidate pool for your vacancy.


A better strategy is to look at just what the role in question will entail – and this is the way in which the most successful recruiters achieve the best results for the data jobs they need to fill. After all, a job title is really only of relevance to management who need to define the company hierarchy.


Take A Different View

The net of this is that, instead of looking for candidates who come from a similar job background, take the time to sculpt the questions that will really get to the core of what you need from your new employee. Ask yourself: what is it that you want the candidate to do in this position? What exactly will they be responsible for, and what are the technical skills that they will need in order to carry out these duties?


Consider, too, the soft skills that the right person will bring to the role, such as the ability to work effectively as part of a team, proven abilities in problem solving under pressure, or the skills to communicate well. You need to know where the role fits into your organisation and to whom they will be reporting. This will help you to determine the future opportunities for a career move, development or progression that will be open to the successful candidate. And don’t forget to have a clear picture of the experience that will be needed for the role, together with any that would be desirable or advantageous.


The Right Approach For Talent Attraction

One robust way in which you can ensure that your data jobs are filled with the best talent is to partner with the experts in successful recruitment. Orbition understands the industry and can bring our expansive network to work for your benefit, helping your business to achieve its objectives.


When you work with Orbition, you will discover the difference that having a specialist talent solutions partner makes: dedicated consultants who understand the nature of your business and the industry and how to attract and retain the talent needed to meet your goals.


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