The Data, Analytics and AI landscape is extremely short of talent, a problem shared all over the world, which unfortunately for you, likely means that you’re bombarded on a daily basis with new job propositions.

We get it, you’re either actively seeking new employment or you’re not, and from our experience, we would hazard a guess that you’re not. Even if you were, where would you even start?

There is so much noise out there that you’ve just decided to ignore it all and we fully appreciate why.

However, what if there was something amongst all of that chaos that would’ve made your ears stand up if you had paid attention?

As an exclusive Data, Analytics & AI recruitment partner, we are here to work with you. Whether that means right now because you’ve decided it’s time to look at new opportunities, or whether you’re happy where you are but would like to be kept abreast of what’s going on in the market.

We are able to cut through that noise and provide you with insights into the current landscape which allows you to make more informed decisions.

If you believe every message you’ve received over the last 18 months you would be forgiven for thinking that every single organisation out there is “data-driven” using the best technology, working on the best projects, adding the most value, paying the best salaries, with the best benefits, with the best team etc.

The reality is, they’re not and we can offer honest and impartial advice in a clear and concise way with absolutely no pressure on making any uninformed, rash decisions about your career.

Our networks are deep and our relationships long-lasting, which have stemmed from hosting industry leading events and our own podcast series – the fact that we are well networked means we only work with organisations that we know you would want to work for!

We have a proven track record in partnering with some of the largest brands in the world at the cutting edge, to the most innovative and disruptive start-ups and everything in between, so you can rest assured that we have options that will excite you, whatever your requirements.

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If you’re actively looking for work but you’re not sure who to trust to give you honest advice and insights into the market, or if you’re happy in your current role but would like to be kept updated about certain type of opportunities that arise, then please get in touch.

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