The Data, Analytics & AI landscape is extremely short of talent, a problem shared all over the world. Unfortunately for you, this likely means that you’re bombarded daily with new job propositions.

We get it, you’re either seeking a new role or you’re not. We would hazard a guess that you’re not.
But even if you were, where would you start?

There’s so much noise out there, with so many players fighting for your attention. Sometimes it can be easier to just ignore it all, and we fully appreciate why.

But what if you’re missing out on opportunities?

As an exclusive Data, Analytics & AI recruitment partner, we are here to work with you to bring you opportunities that get you excited.

We offer honest and impartial advice informed by our insights from across the market.

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Cut through the noise.

We provide insights into the current market so you can make more informed decisions about your career.

So many organisations profess to being “data-driven”, boast about using the best technology and working on the best projects. The reality is they’re not. If you believed all the hype, you’d have a hard time finding which businesses truly add the most value, pay the best salaries, have the best benefits and the best team.

When considering your next career move, you want to make sure you’re in the right hands. Our networks are deep and our relationships long-lasting. Our connections stem from hosting industry-leading events and our podcast series with data professionals at the top of their careers. The fact that we are well networked means we only work with organisations that we know you would want to work for!

We partner with some of the largest brands at the cutting edge, to the most innovative and disruptive start-ups and everything in between. Whatever you’re looking for in your next career move, we have options that will excite you.

Orbition helped me secure a great new role in an area I hadn’t immediately considered. The team has a great understanding of their clients and candidates and the data and analytics industry. They are great communicators and kept me informed as the interview process progressed.
Orbition has built an interesting community in Data and Analytics and they regularly discuss current relevant topics with industry leaders on the Driven by Data podcast. The discussions are interesting and insightful and they clearly have a great understanding of the challenges facing the industry.

David BurnhamPrincipal Consultant at Kubrick Group

Orbition helped me secure a career move in early 2019, they were extremely supportive and professional throughout the process. The team’s knowledge of the marketplace, my skills, and the relationship they built with me, and the company were all key to placing me in a great role with an organization that’s a perfect fit for me.

Neil UnderwoodData Engineer at PwC UK

I am particularly impressed with Orbition as they have been incredibly supportive, conscientious and constructive in helping me find my next role. The team demonstrated honesty and integrity in the recruitment process and facilitated discussions with the employer that helped understand the role and negotiate terms to better meet my requirements.

Arshan IqbalAnalytical Training Consultant at Experian

The Orbition team showed an impressive skill set during my interactions with them. They were helpful, insightful and generally always available to answer my questions and address my concerns. They were also eager to show proactive support and take charge when necessary. Our relationship remained mutually beneficial throughout and I am pleased to stay in touch with them. I am looking forward to any future dealings with Orbition Group.

Georgi KanchevData Scientist at Intechncia
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