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It used to be the case that professionals looking for their next role in data analytics were primarily interested in the job opportunities that offered a great salary and benefits, interesting and challenging projects, and the chance to work with the newest, most advanced technologies. Today, however, the recruitment landscape looks rather different. Today’s most talented candidates looking for their next role in the world of analytics are driven by somewhat different factors.


A Change Of Focus

The driving factor for talented professionals now lies in finding an opportunity that can provide a meaningful working experience. Simply put, this means that being given the chance to make a real impact: seeing tangible results from their efforts is now the priority. Today’s talent want to be recognised for their skills and abilities. This means roles which are highly visible, and which allow them to feel valued.

So how should organisations address this change in focus, and attract the best candidates to their key vacancies? The answer lies in building a positive data culture.


Creating A Positive Data Culture

In order to be able to offer the positive culture that candidates crave, organisations need to start by building a solid foundation. This means focusing on consolidating their brand image, making it clear exactly who the company is, and what it stands for. Be upfront about your brand’s ethos and values and your areas of key expertise, with a view to making your firm’s name synonymous with these qualities. Be clear about the future plans for the business too: candidates will be keen to know in which direction you plan to take the brand going forward, and what your primary objectives will be.

Next, look at the culture within your workplace. Ideally, you will be looking to foster an environment in which communication is prioritised, and people working at all levels of your organisation feel ready and able to share information and best practice.

Transparency is crucial and encouraging constructive feedback should be prioritised at all levels. In this way, you can expect to see real gains in terms of productivity and team morale, in addition to building a reputation as a positive place to work. This will, of course, help to attract future talent.


Technology Matters

Of course, being able to offer the most advanced technology will also be a key factor in building a positive data culture. Providing the tools that will facilitate effective event tracking, database structures and profiling will give your team the ability to deliver the outcomes you need, as well as keep them engaged in their role. Investing in applications that can automate routine tasks and operations will also free your teams to focus on more challenging aspects. Working towards building a robust and scalable analytics and management system will support your teams and make your organisation an appealing place to work. Crucially, this will help to retain key talent for the long haul.


Partner With Talent Attraction Experts

If you want to be sure of finding the right talent for your organisation, it makes sense to partner with the experts. Orbition are specialists in this field. We can work with your business to identify and promote your unique brand culture, thereby helping to build your appeal to precisely the talent you need.


Why not get in touch today, at, and discover how Orbition can help you find the ideal resourcing solution and get you on the road to meeting your objectives.


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