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When it comes to advertising a key data analytics (D&A) vacancy in your organisation, the job description is most frequently the introduction that you give potential candidates – not only to the role in question, but also to your company itself. With this in mind, it’s sadly the case that all too often, job descriptions fail to encapsulate both the true nature of the opportunity or to provide a useful insight into working for the organisation providing it.


Why The Job Description Matters

You may well wonder why getting the job description right is so important for the data analytics industry. To find the answer, simply take a moment to reflect on a typical recruitment process. Finding the tech talent resources that companies need in order to achieve their business objectives is an incredibly challenging proposition in the current climate, thanks in the main to the candidate-led market. The most talented and qualified candidates are able to pick and choose their next role, so it makes sense to make your job advert stand out right from the start, grabbing the attention of the very professionals that you need to attract.

Of equal importance, in taking the time to overhaul your approach to the job description, you can save valuable time and money by refining your list of applicants from the get-go. Rather than wasting time filtering out unsuitable candidates, you can focus on developing a tailored shortlist of viable talent.


Crafting Great Job Descriptions

So, what should your job description look like? Think about the purpose of the job advert and you’ll soon recognise that it should work to attract the right kind of people to apply for your vacancy. In order for this to happen, you will need to start off by breaking down exactly what your ideal candidate will look like. Creating a persona can be invaluable here. Of course, excellent technical skills and experience will be a pre-requisite, so specify the competencies and qualifications that you feel are essential for the role.

However, if you want to find someone who will provide the best value in – and stay with – your business, then you need to look beyond their data analytics experience and think about soft skills.

All too often, soft skills are either overlooked or undervalued in tech role recruitment, yet it is these very qualities that can have the greatest impact on the success of a new hire. Choosing a person with the right personality will ensure that they can fit in easily with your existing teams, consolidating your organisational culture in a positive way, and making it more likely that the company goals handed down by the leadership team are met.

Use the job description to ask for candidates with great communication skills, receptiveness to constructive feedback, proactivity, and problem-solving abilities. After all, knowing that your D&A is in the hands of professionals who reflect your corporate values and will pull together for the benefit of the organisation as a whole will play a decisive part in positive business outcomes.


Find The Right Match With Orbition

One sure-fire way to ensure that your job adverts are accurately crafted to reach the right talent is to partner with specialists. At Orbition, we understand the demands of the DA industry, as well as the need for companies to bring in well-rounded personnel with a versatile set of soft skills.


Why not get in touch today, at and find out how our expert team can connect you with the ideal data analytics talent that can help your business grow?