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It’s an interesting question to ponder: if you’re truly passionate about your career, and want to see it develop to its full potential, should you prioritise a data leader for personal growth, or the reputation of the organisation that you work for?


At face value, the answer seems to be simple: a good boss can come and go, but opting to work at a company which has a fantastic reputation can bring a host of career benefits, such as the chance to work on a variety of engaging projects, good prospects for career progression and stability, and the opportunity to build a valuable network of like-minded professionals. Yet whilst these points are valid, in fact, the value of working for a great Data Leader can outweigh all of these advantages, meaning that choosing to work with such a person should always be your priority if you want to see real dividends for your career.

The Strength Of A Great Leader

When the Data Leader (DL) is a highly motivated, capable individual, those working with them will benefit enormously. After all, a great DL will have a direct impact on many key areas of the business, such as the effective development of new products or projects, as well as having a powerful influence on the organisation as a whole.


A strong DL will have plenty of influence, and they will put this to use for the benefit of their teams, as well as the business itself. You will see them providing meaningful support for staff, driving cultural change, and demonstrating a commitment to driving business development through analytics that will ensure that the work to be done will be meaningful and effectual. This approach will help ensure that you, in turn, will have plenty of opportunities to develop key skills and experience in making the optimal use of metrics for business gain, which, without a strong understanding and sense of direction, risks being merely another buzzphrase.


A great DL will have always an effective strategy in mind, ensuring that the company’s goal of being data driven never lapses into lip service. Instead, under their stewardship, innovation will be assured, with increased technical adoption to ensure that the full value is realised. Without such a leader in place, those working in analytics roles will likely find themselves frustrated, limited by ineffectual policies and seeing little change.


A Data Leader for Personal Growth

And, of course, it’s often the case that the very best Data Leaders are found at the companies which have the best reputation. After all, businesses with a positive brand image tend to attract the finest talent, and the most capable DLs will naturally want to work at the most desirable organisations.


Happily, it’s easy to find your next position that puts you together with both a fantastic leader and a top employer. When you partner with the talent specialists at Orbition, you are putting your career development in expert hands. We can match your unique skills and experience to the right opportunities. Why not get in touch today: London: +44 20 4511 3922, New York: +1 315 610 7770, or at, and discover how our extensive network and industry expertise can ensure your career reaches its full potential.