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It was once the case that wise companies were putting their faith in the Data Translator to bridge the gap between the data analytics team and the business itself. Yet over the last five years or so, a new question has been steadily rising: shouldn’t a talented data professional also be capable of translating these analytics into real value for the business? Was having a separate, designated Data Translator actually delivering poor value?


Will The Data Product Owner Be Seen The Same Way?

The role of Data Translator is a highly specified one, and this has ultimately led to its eventual demise. Now, with Data Product (DP) being recognised as a key area at the very core of data and analytics, companies are placing Data Product Owners (DPOs) as the intermediaries between this vital part of the organisation and the business itself: a position that is certainly very similar to the role of the erstwhile Data Translator.


It’s certainly true that DP is of vital importance to any modern organisation, taking its place alongside architecture, governance, and engineering as one of the pillars of data analytics. The significance of DP means that DPOs are finding themselves acting as a link between the developers working to create new products for extracting value from data, and the eventual domain users of these same products. DPOs are acting as managers and consultants, and a fair degree of flexibility and adaptability is required by these professionals, particularly as the leadership of many companies are themselves unclear or undecided as to what they want or need from people in DPO positions.


What Is Needed?

There are many aspects to successfully integrating DP with an organisation, if real value is to be added. There needs to be consultation about the products in question, including a full explanation of the features and benefits. There should be training for those employees who will be using the product, as well as analysis of trends in the company or wider industry, which will be integral to future strategic planning. A good data professional should be able to cover many (if not all) of these bases, which means that a single job title of DPO is no longer fit for purpose.


However, too many businesses look for a candidate with an emphasis on their technical data skills rather than understanding the full complement of competencies such a role actually involves. Indeed, the need to educate or train product users can mean that those with a background that includes customer service experience are ideal, as is a background in project management. If businesses truly want to drive progress through data, they need to start looking more holistically when hiring for these positions.


Find The Right Talent With Orbition

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