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Just Eat, one of the leading online food delivery platforms in the UK, is launching a new feature that will allow their customers to order food using an AI-powered assistant.

The assistant will be able to respond to voice and text commands, answer questions, and offer personalised recommendations based on previous orders and reviews. The AI assistant is expected to improve the customer experience by reducing the time and effort required to browse through menus and place orders. It will also help Just Eat engage with younger shoppers who are more comfortable with conversational interfaces and NLP.

This has been developed by an in-house tech team over the last three months, where they have been able to use customer feedback and data to enhance the capabilities. In November, this feature will be rolled out to a random selection of user apps and will be tested in a variety of different markets over the coming months.

Just Eat isn’t the only food delivery company to be experimenting with AI technology. Its competitor, Uber Eats, also announced last month that it will introduce an AI-powered conversational shopping experience on its app by the end of the year. This feature will help customers discover new dishes and cuisines, find the best restaurant deals, and re-order their favourite meals.

Both apps are definitely moving with the times, which is beneficial for them in the world we live in today however this must come with its challenges, right?

Just Eat and Uber Eats are both aiming to leverage AI heavily to create a more convenient ordering process for their customers, as well as differentiate themselves from a very crowded food market. Accuracy and reliability are always a big concern when using AI, along with protecting the privacy and security of the customer data they hold and maintaining the human touch that customers expect from their food delivery services.

This feature will definitely have its benefits, and I can see a more efficient process however I don’t see this as them differentiating themselves from their competitors. Yes, AI is the way forward and using this technology it’s going to build customer loyalty and create a smoother shopping experience but how are these apps really standing out from the crowd?

Deliveroo, are you next?

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