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Ever wondered how data influences decisions in luxury, fashion, and beauty both in play and behind the scenes? In this interview series, we will interview some of the data’s biggest MVPs within the world of luxury, fashion, and beauty. This mini-series offers the audience an incredible insight into how data is harnessed by some of the world’s biggest retail brands. We will talk with data leaders in all the retail industry you know and love as they share their experiences, knowledge and learnings, shining a light on this fascinating area of data!

Featuring, Asheeka Hyde, Head of Trading Analytics and Data Science, Dunelm

Key discussion points include:

  • Balancing the need for business value, with working on innovative and motivating projects for the data team
  • Keeping your stakeholders as priority
  • Implementation challenges: the how vs the what
  • Empathy and culture change
  • “Slide of death” – the consequences of data apathy

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