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To successfully implement GenAI, data leaders must navigate through evolving technological landscapes, harnessing the technology to drive innovation and efficiency

GenAI quickly captured widespread attention in November 2022 with the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This spark ignited an explosion of activity in the data and analytics industry, already notable for its fast-evolving nature.

For many enterprises, this raised pressing questions. How can this technology best be used to improve our business? How can I prepare my workforce and my senior leadership? Is my data ready for AI?

Answering these questions is the business of Dr Raoul-Gabriel Urma, Executive Chairman at Cambridge Spark and Industrial Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

Orbition’s Founder and CEO Kyle Winterbottom recently sat down with Dr Urma to discuss his unique perspectives on GenAI’s development and the fast-approaching future of AI application and education. This article also features insights from Aimee Smith, Director of Data for the Met Police, Nirali Patel, Group VP of Data and AI Strategy at Liberty Global, and Zachery Anderson, CDAO at NatWest Bank.

Read the full report below.

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Cambridge Spark recognises the vital role of education in aligning data and AI strategies with advancing business objectives. Our core mission is to bridge the gap between learning and practical business application through tailored training programs. We specialize in data literacy and AI literacy programs, designed not just as tools for knowledge retention and development, but as catalysts for business growth and innovation.

We invest substantial time in understanding the unique needs, requirements, and ambitions of our stakeholders. This deep insight into their business roadmap and strategic objectives enables us to craft training programs that are directly tied to business metrics and strategy.

Our philosophy is simple yet impactful: equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to innovate and excel while aligning their growth with the strategic direction of their organisation.

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