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The reputation of the data and analytics function goes a long way to serving a business in its quest for the best D&A talent. People want to know how a business values data, what impact they can make and what their plans are for the future. You need to ensure that you are being headhunted for senior data roles.

This is also applicable to leaders in data and analytics. Businesses and other data leaders are looking at your reputation, too. Your leadership brand is your reputation in data and analytics. Your leadership branding is vital to separate yourself from a vast pool of data leaders.

We’re at a time when there is an abundance of senior leaders in data and analytics looking for new opportunities compared to the number of genuine senior leadership vacancies. It takes planning and consistency to create a profile that cuts through the noise and shouts loudly to the market that you’re an asset to any business, which provokes people to reach out to you with an opportunity.

LinkedIn is the first frontier when it comes to how you’re perceived in the professional world. In a world where everyone is perpetually online, why are you not taking full advantage of this? What’s stopping you?

There are many great examples of data leaders that are known in the space as a direct result of, not only their fantastic work, but their presence on the platform. The key is consistency, something that the following data leaders have nailed: Helen Wall, a top voice on Machine Learning; Graeme McDermott, consistently adding valuable insight on current events around data; Jen Kirkwood, a leading voice on the implications of AI in HR; Susan Walsh, the Master of Creative content surrounding dirty data, that you feel obliged to engage with.

I know from experience, when connecting with people in the UK, across Europe, and in the US, our very own Kyle Winterbottom is known to people all over the world. Kyle has been consistent over the years in regular posting that engages the community in debating hot topics, and in turn, generates business for Orbition.

The benefits of being a recognised voice in your industry aren’t limited to simply being approached for new positions or generating business.

In your current role, you want to be seen as a trusted figure in order to influence business decisions and champion data and analytics through the business. Some data leaders can struggle to gain internal buy-in at times, but having a visible track record on the timeline creates a layer of perceived value around your name that becomes undeniable.

A known profile and person is also much more likely to be approached for community projects. Whether it’s being approached to speak at an event, become a mentor or even a NED opportunity, your LinkedIn profile is a gateway to other initiatives that build your leadership brand.

Orbition has recently been accredited by CPD to deliver a Data Leadership Branding & Content Course designed to introduce the concept of leadership branding, what it is and why you should be doing it. With an in-depth look into the practical tools of creating engaging content that delivers results.

About the Author

Ethan Simpkin

Talent Consultant

Ethan is a highly skilled consultant with us here at Orbition, specializing in data and analytics.

With a passion for technology and a natural talent for identifying top talent, he has become a valuable asset to both clients and candidates in the industry.Read more.

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