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There’s no question that finding the right talent is a vital element in achieving your brand’s objectives yet doing so is rarely an easy or straightforward process. Many challenges can be found throughout the recruitment process, which must be taken into account if you hope to be successful and fill key positions that are essential in driving growth.


The Key Considerations For Recruitment

There are a number of factors to reconcile when dealing with the recruitment process and particularly when hoping to attract the best talent for vital data and analytics (D&A) roles. First of all, naturally, is the salary and benefits package on offer, which must be balanced to satisfy both the budgetary constraints of your organisation and the expectations of candidates.

Choosing the right D&A talent for your key positions will also require a thorough understanding of the work that needs to be undertaken. Be clear on the skills and experience that the ideal candidate will need and ensure that this information is also clearly conveyed in any job descriptions. In this way, you can help to streamline the recruitment process by filtering out many unsuitable applicants.

However, it must be stressed that simply selecting a candidate according to their resume can prove disastrous if they are not a good fit with your existing company culture. Highlighting your brand’s ethos and ambitions in the job description can help to overcome this problem and will serve to attract those candidates who will be compatible with your values.


Overcoming The Challenges Of D&A Recruitment

Unfortunately for employers, we are currently experiencing a candidate-led market in many areas of the tech and IT industry, with the result that the demand for talent is far outstripping the volume of candidates available. Not only does this situation vastly increase the competition between organisations to appeal to the best talent, but it has ramifications for the financial cost of taking on a new data professional.

The salary being paid to your existing D&A team is unlikely to be enough in this current market and doing some research to find a competitive rate is vital if you hope to secure the talent you need. However, you can add value to your proposition without necessarily breaking your budget.

Where money is proving a sticking point, providing other attractive benefits can help to make up the shortfall. Highlighting a positive working culture, great training, leadership or advancement opportunities, or participation in eco-friendly sustainability initiatives are some of the ways in which you can actively improve the appeal of your organisation without necessarily adding much to your overheads.

Another good solution is to look beyond your typical pool of candidates and consider those without a traditional route into the industry, or who are self-taught rather than possessing conventional qualifications. Hiring a talented but junior candidate can also be a wonderful solution, giving you the opportunity to train them up on the job and sculpt their acquisition of skills to precisely match the requirements of the role.


Hire With Ease With A Talent Attraction Specialist

Hiring the right data analytics talent is undeniably challenging, so why not make it a streamlined process by partnering with a talent attraction expert? As experts in the D&A industry, Orbition is ideally placed to help your organisation find the ideal candidates for your key data positions.


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